A Beautiful Overcast Day and Visions Softly Creeping

Not sure why, but have always felt at home driving around and about the countryside alone, my lens my constant companion as I wait for pictures to call out my name, begging me to stop the car and record the vision, capturing a part of the object's slowly decaying history, perhaps capturing a part of its story.  Below are some of the pictures I captured today while on a trip over to Liberty NY and back again.

Retired After A Job Well Done
Stories in Abundance
Plumbing Parts Anyone?
I Can Almost See The Horse and Buggies
The Elegance of Abandonment
Fall Folliage
There Should Be a Museum For Old Doors
Old Abandoned Camper Converted To Diner

Long Day?

Discarded Vanity

Out of all the shots that called out to me today, these are the ones I feel worth a share with those who might happen upon this space.  I do not photograph every day, and sometimes weeks go by where the spirit just does not move me, but when it does, you'll find my efforts here in this little blog.  Have a great day.

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