A Rainy Overcast Wednesday...Perfect Camera Day

Woke up early today...around six in the was a dreary, drizzly overcast day with heavy gray slate skies as it threatened to rain.  In short, it was a perfect time to grab my camera and go out looking for things to photograph.  Saw six deer, took photographs of them, but alas my lens is just not mighty enough to do them justice, so not going to share those but I did get some shots that I am quite happy with.  Hope they are enjoyed.


A Few Shots From A Monday Morning Walk

Some days you just need to go out and take pictures even if nothing jumps out at times that dedication to ones craft is difficult, and being honest with myself one that I too often in remise in.  The past few days I've been better at it, and today though I felt like vegging out, spending the day buried away in mundane tasks, forced myself to set aside various chores, made myself take the time to put on a jacket and go for a morning walk.  The shots offered here are nothing spectacular, ones any one with a camera could snap, but still feel compelled to share a few of them.
This bridge is behind old abandoned school.
Always enjoy stumbling upon old structures in the woods.
Doesn't this picture so invite you on a hike?
Always enjoy fungal things like this.
Really should shoot this shot with smaller lens.
Beautiful remnants of old space.
Side yard of old abandoned home.
One of my favorite doors here in town.

Monday Monday...Thinking I Will Go For A Walk

No pictures...yet, but thinking I will grab my camera and go for a small walk before I get on with the tasks on my list for today of which there are many.  Clouds are still in the sky, but the sun is peeking through and am guessing it will be sunny and clear later in the morning so now is the time to be out and about unless I want to wait for dusk late in the day and the dropping temperatures that are far too quickly becoming common place as Mother Nature prepares herself for a long winter nap.
If my camera finds something worthwhile, shall visit later on, upload a picture, two, three or perhaps more.  The important thing is just pushing myself to be out and one with the landscape.


Sunday Trail Walk...Filtered Sun

Sometimes think it is the infusion of subtlety and contrast that makes fall such a beautiful time of the year for our eyes, the two combining to draw our attention toward something we might otherwise would have missed.


9/22..Saturday Picks On First Day of Fall

Woke up early yesterday and headed out the door at just after ten to take a friend of mine (who owns the local bar) to the train station in Middletown.  Decided to grab my camera on the first day of fall and snap some pictures on the way back.  The day was progressing nicely when Murph's Law reared its ugly head.  Pulling out of the driveway of an abandoned house my muffler fell off ending my little soujourne out and about.  Here are a few of the shots that I captured.
Sure Only A Lover Of Old VW's Appreciates This
What a CLASSIC!...Would So Restore this vehicle.

So Funny...A Sign Eating Tree

Vanishing Blooms As Winter Whispers In The Wind

Summer is So Long Past

Wish Someone Had Remembered To Shut The Window
Chair In Repose
You're Blocking My View!
Tea and Crumpets Anyone?

For Sale...Starter Home...Needs Work

Your Kitchen Is A MESS!
Would So Bring That Stove Home With Me
Out Door Lighting...Or Natural Lighting?
Do Come In And Sit Awhile
Aches and Panes Of Growing Old