A Few Shots From A Monday Morning Walk

Some days you just need to go out and take pictures even if nothing jumps out at times that dedication to ones craft is difficult, and being honest with myself one that I too often in remise in.  The past few days I've been better at it, and today though I felt like vegging out, spending the day buried away in mundane tasks, forced myself to set aside various chores, made myself take the time to put on a jacket and go for a morning walk.  The shots offered here are nothing spectacular, ones any one with a camera could snap, but still feel compelled to share a few of them.
This bridge is behind old abandoned school.
Always enjoy stumbling upon old structures in the woods.
Doesn't this picture so invite you on a hike?
Always enjoy fungal things like this.
Really should shoot this shot with smaller lens.
Beautiful remnants of old space.
Side yard of old abandoned home.
One of my favorite doors here in town.

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